Jeff Hardy

ClickWrestler of the Week

Hello wrestling fans, each week we take a look at someone who is making headlines in the wrestling world, sometimes to look back at the humble beginnings of today's mega stars, other times it's to look at the breakout stars of tomorrow. This week we take a look at a man who has been turning heads on TV for the last 13 years. He is a true Cinderella story of a onetime jobber who rose all the way up to multi-time world champion. This week's ClickWrestler of the week is Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy's early days of wrestling started in his backyard with his brother Matt Hardy. When Jeff was 16 years old he was able to get tryouts with WWF as a jobber. His first television appearance was on the 6/25/1994 episode of Superstars against 1-2-3 Kid. The promotion that Jeff called home before arriving to WWF was OMEGA, the promotion that he and his brother formed together. Other names that made OMEGA their home were Shannon Moore, The Hurricane, Steve Corino, Joey Matthews, and many more.

In 1998 Jeff Hardy signed a contract to work for WWF full time. Jeff and Matt formed the Hardy Boyz and drifted in the lower card with questionable direction. First they were paired up with manager Michael P.S. Hayes, then joined Gangrel to briefly form the New Brood, before winning the managerial services of Terri Runnels. Though they held the WWF Tag Titles for a month, Jeff Hardy wasn't much more than a cruiserweight with some potential but he grew to become a big risk taker in first tag team ladder match and the first ever TLC match. History was made, and wrestling changed after the matches with Edge, Christian, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley and his brother Matt. Jeff had cemented himself into history with the highlight reel moments that he created.

Jeff spent years being a cult favorite who couldn't quite break into the main event in the WWE in the first four years there, but it was taking its toll on him. He left the WWE citing the schedule was burning him out. He left and took on a much lighter schedule in TNA for three years. There he was a main event star almost immediately, quickly capturing the NWA World Title. He now knew how it felt at the top, and was recharged and ready to go back to the WWE.

The first year back in the WWE Jeff was back to his previous status of cult favorite who isn't quite ready for the Main Event, but that all changed after his program with Triple H. Triple H raised Jeff Hardy's status and solidified him as one of the elite wresters of the world. He is back in TNA and just won the TNA World Title for the second time.

This week's staff pick of the week takes place in 2003 for BTW. Jeff Hardy is in the ring with a masked high-flyer named Wild Storm. During Jeff Hardy's WWE stint he was always the smaller quicker wrestler, but in this rare match he is the larger, slower competitor. The action in this match is fast and packed with sky diving aerial tactics.

For more info on Jeff Hardy check out his OWW bio - Jeff Hardy.